What structures do you manufacture?
  • barndominiums / homes
  • garages
  • storage sheds / units
  • workshops
  • carports
  • lean-to’s
  • offices
  • “she” shed / “he” shed
  • greenhouse

Many options not listed here are available, as a manufacturer we customize to solve your needs.

Can I install the metal building kit myself?

Yes! We designed these strong and quality metal building kits with the DIYer in mind. You will recieve easy to follow build plans to guide you. No heavy machinery is required, a 2-man team can build the kit. If you have questions, we are just a call away!

Can I hire installation services?

KSI Metal Buildings has a Professional Installation crew for those that understand the invaluable benefits of metal buildings but are unable to build the kit. While we can’t give an exact deadline without knowing your project details, to give an idea generally our crew takes about 30 days to install large structures such as a home. We communicate every step of the process with you.

How do metal buildings hold up to weather?

Our buildings are perfect for the wind, rain and snow. Our buildings are all engineered to withstand 115 mph wind, designed with enough pitch so the snow will fall off and will hold up against all the rain elements that you may have. You can put on gutters to direct the water where you want it to go. You don’t have to worry about any leaking when installed correctly.

Please note we do engineer our buildings to your local codes and make adjustments to your needs.

Are the metal buildings covered by a warranty?

We offer a 40-year paint warranty. We also offer a warranty through our engineer who engineers the structure to be exactly to code. It also has a 20-40 year spec on the siding, roofing and trim. Your project is worry-free!

How do your metal buildings differ from other metal buildings?

The major differences in metal buildings come down to the framing: I-Beams/Red Iron and tubular steel.

1. I-Beams are made of red iron and build large, wide open, column-free space. This option is perfect for extremely large buildings such as a warehouse. This option requires heavy machinery to lift columns and certification to construct safely. To install walls, additional wood is required to build between the I-Beams for drywall to attach to, doubling materials and cost.

2. Tubular Steel framing replaces the traditional wood 2″x 4″ framing with rolled steel framing. This use is ideal with smaller structures such as homes, garages and sheds. Tubular steel will not rot, bend or warp over time, elevating the structure’s quality and strength. These beams can be easily installed with a 2-man team and do not require heavy machinery.

Some important differences to note:

  • Our metal building kits are made with tubular steel framing.
  • Our metal building kits are manufactured with all 2″x 4″ steel. Other similar kits use smaller tubes to save cost, we only use 2″x 4″ to consistently provide highest quality and strength.
  • Your structure is engineered for your local codes and requirements.
  • We manufacture the kit custom to your needs (as opposed to out-of-the-box look and size).
  • When our kits is installed, your structure is ready for drywall! No additional materials needed.
What customizations can I make for my building?

We don’t sell building kits in the traditional out-of-the-box, off-the-shelf way. We design the structure exactly to your needs, wants and local safety requirements. Simple answer is you can customize everything! The size, look, window placement, door placement, colors, roof slope, roof style, the list goes on! We manufacture the exact metal building you need and want!

Does my metal building need to be engineered?

If your structure is smaller than 200 square feet, it is your choice to get engineer approval.

Any structure that is 200 sq ft or more is required to be engineer approved for safety, local codes and warranty. When needed, we make this process seamless. Our in-house drafter designs your plans that we send over to our engineer. 

What blueprints and plans will I get?

√ Blueprints – our onsite draftsman custom designs the framing and outside shell of your structure.

√ Foundation Plans – you get foundation specs to prepare the perfect foundation.

√ Engineer Stamped Plans – both for your safety and for local codes.

√ Build Plans – this is your unique step-by-step installation guide to assemble your custom DIY kit piece-by-piece.

You will have all you need to submit to your local city for permits!

What roofing and siding options do I have?

Feel free to visit our sister company, KSI Metals+, who offers a wide variety of metal roofing (exposed and concealed fastener), matching siding and trim with many in-stock colors for fast turn-around. We will go over the many different looks and styles available to you, including panels made of steel that looks like wood!

Can I see your product in person?

Yes! Our showroom is located in Snowflake, AZ. You can meet our expert(s) in person and see the different options available to you. Give us a call to set up a time to come by: (928) 241-2994

1005 W Snowflake Blvd
Snowflake, AZ 85937

What financing is available?

1. When you reach out and we discuss your needs, we draft you a custom quote for your custom build.

2. 50% is required to begin manufacturing. This includes drafting, engineering and production. 

3. The final 50% is owed at time of pick-up or delivery.

How long does it take to install a metal building kit?

Our Metal Building Kits saves building time. We get this question a lot, however it is difficult to answer without knowing your exact project, size and installation crew skills. To give an idea, generally our professional installation crew takes about 30 days to install large structures such as a home. This saves about 5 months compared to the common timeframe of 6 months for a professional stick build.

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