“If you or anyone you know is interested in building a barndominium, barn, or any type of metal building, then do yourself a favor and contact KSI Metals. My husband and I are building a small barndo, and the team at KSI has made the experience so easy…and dare I say…even…fun? They have a dream team that helps with the entire process, from start to finish – everyone from an engineer to inspect (and in our case customize to the lot) plans, to people who have been in the siding/roofing/building supply/insulation business for decades. And when I say we got a barndominium through KSI and Kay Supply, we got the complete barndominium, including a wood package, windows, doors, insulation, etc.

It’s been amazing to watch our dream come to life, and I’ll continue to give KSI and Kay Supply my business. Their entire construction team has been kind and respectful to myself and my family members as they’ve put the barndominium up on our lot. They’ve literally continued to work through the wind, the driving rain, and the snow. They don’t make excuses; they just get the job done.

The staff at KSI Metals has unmatched subject knowledge and expertise, as well as exceptional customer service, and I’m so glad we made the choice to build with them. They also have a convenient website that I can continue to order product from as our barndominium project evolves. As you can see from the photos, our barndo is moving right along, and KSI has been completely honest with my husband and I about everything throughout the entire process; in other words, they’ve stayed in constant touch, answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and there were no surprises on our bill, which might just be my favorite part.”

Jessica Slade

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Kit Pricing

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